Holy Shrines in Jordan


Amman – Philadelphia

There is a big community of Orthodox Christians in Amman comprising eight parish churches, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Philadelphia, the Metropolitan church of the Presentation of the Lord (Hypapante), the Patriarchal museum.


Madaba is located amongst the fertile valleys of central Jordan, with many Orthodox churches of the 5th and 6th centuries, exceptional mosaics, icon paintings and decorative themes with harmonious patterns and numerous mosaics of various colours.  A large part of the floor of the Greek Orthodox church of Saint George is ordained with the famous mosaic map of the Holy Land which is written with Greek letters. On the same premises pilgrims can be hosted at the hotel of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is a ten minute drive from Madaba towards the west of Jordan; it is the place where Prophet Moses gazed at the Promised Land and passed away according to God’s command. On top of the mountain there is a church dedicated to Prophet Moses built by Saint Helen, with many Greek inscriptions, prayers, Greek names of priests, names of benefactors, beautiful mosaics with themes from the creation, nature and life.


The newly built Holy Monastery of The Life- giving Spring where Jordanian nuns lead a coenobitic life is located two kilometres north of the Dibin village. It is a big Monastery built on the slope of a mountain with dense vegetation and it gathers vast crowds of Orthodox pilgrims and many young people from all over Jordan. The priests who serve in the Holy Monastery are fluent in the Greek language.