Holy Shrines


Most Holy Church of the Resurrection

326 Discovery of the Holy Cross
326 -335 1st erection of the Church of the Resurrection.
336 Inauguration Ceremony of the Church.
614 Destruction of the Church by the Persians
617-626 Re-construction of the Church by Patriarch Modestos
1009 Destruction of the Church by Hakem
1027-1048 Reconstruction of the church by the emperors of Byzantium
1130-1149 Repair of the Church by the crusaders.
1390 Completion of new repairs of the Church
1545 Repair of the Edicule of the Most Holy Sepulchre by Patriarch Germanos.
1719-1720 Repair of the Church by Patriarch Chrysanthos
1808 Arson of the Church by the Armenians
1810 Reconstruction by our pious Nation.
1867-1869 Renovation of the Great Dome by Russia, France and Turkey.
1927 Destruction of the small dome by earthquake.
1931-1933 Reconstruction of the small dome by our pious Nation.
1948 Hit of the Great Dome by two mortar shells, immediate repair.
1949 Fire destruction of the lead covering of the Great Dome. Immediate repair.
1978-1985 Reconstruction of the Great Dome.
1993-1994 Beautification of the Apocathelosis and of the small dome by mosaic compositions.
1995 Repair of the exterior of the small dome
2000 Start of the renovation of the Belfry.
2002 Installation of mosaic compositions in the Catholicon.
2005 Completion of the renovations of the Archives Hall in the Holy Monastery of Abraham.
2007 Renovation of the sewing workshop and of the cells of the Holy Monastery of Abraham.
2008 Renovation and insulation of the roof of the Holy Monastery of Abraham.
2008   Start of the maintenance work of the Constantinian period area of the “Doheion”  (Chamber)  by the Most Holy Sepulchre.
2009 Replacement of the glass panes of the Holy Shrine of the Terrible Golgotha.

Holy Church of Bethlehem

327-333 1st Construction of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem
532-543 Resetting the layout by Emperor Justinian
1169 Beautification with mosaics by Alexios Comnenos
1435 Restoration of the roof by Alexios Comnenos
1672 Restoration of the roof by Patriarch Dositheos
1842 Repair of the roof by the Agiotaphites
1927 Destruction of the Justinian Tower by earthquake
1932 Restoration of the Basilica courtyard.
1934 Discovery of early mosaics on the floor of the Basilica.
1951 Restoration of the Justinian Tower under Archbishop Artemios of Neapolis.
1983 Repair of the Basilica and reconstruction of all the windows (total 38) by permission of the    Government and financed by the Sacred Community.
2002 Forty day capture of the Basilica by armed Palestinians with resultant damage to the Monastery.
2008 Restoration and reclamation of the Chapel of Saint George.
2008 Restoration of the reservoirs, trapezas and the reception hall, new electrical installation in the Basilica and in the Holy Monastery.
2009 Restoration from the base up and reformation of the whole Holy Monastery of Bethlehem.

Holy Gethsemane

1009 Destruction by Hakem
1161 Reconstruction
1947 Paving of the Church courtyard.
1953 Renovation of the Metohion of Gethsemane financed by Archbishop Claudios of Pella.
1954 Erection of the Dome on the Chapel, financed by same
1955 Damage of the Church by floods.
1999 Damage of the Church by floods.
2009 Renovation of the Reception Hall, paving and designation of the outside of the Church forecourt area.