Holy Monasteries and Hegoumeneia outside Jerusalem



1. Holy Laura of Saint Savvas the Sanctified
Hegoumen: His Beatitude, Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem 
Spiritual Father: Archimandrite Eudokimos
Stewart: Monk Theoktistos.  Monks,15, Novices 2.

Address: Holy Lavra of St. Savvas, P.O.Box 19824, Jerusalem 91199.
Tel: +972-2-2762915. Metochion: +972-2-2748549 email: imas.jer@yandex.com 

2. Holy Monastery of Saint George the Hozevite 
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Constantinos

6 Monks, 3 Novices
Tel: 00972/547/306557, P.O. Box 31388, Jerusalem 91001, Israel

3. Holy Monastery of Mount Sarantario (of Temptation)

Hegoumen: ………. Tel: 02/2322827, Officiating Priest: Fr. Onouphrios. Address: Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 21, Jericho

4. Holy Monastery of Martha and Maria in Bethany 
Abbess: Nun Eupraxia, 10 Nuns. Tel: +972-2-2799708.

Address: Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 19121, Jerusalem

5. Holy Monastery of the Twelve Apostles in Tiberias 
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Parthenios Tel: 04/6720042, 0544/988542
Greek Orthodox Convent, Sea Shore, P.O. Box 464, Tiberias

 6. Holy Monastery of Abba Gerasimus of the Jordan

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Chrysostomos, Tel. 02/9943038, Mob: 0505/348892. Officiating priest: Hieromonk Kyriakos. 4 Monks, 6 Novices. Address: Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 35, Jericho, Israel

7. Holy Monastery of Abba Theodosius the Cenobiarch

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Ierotheos. Tel. 02/2761223, 0528/516033.

Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 1102, Jerusalem 91010, Israel

8. Holy Monastery of Jacob’s Well in Samaria

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Ioustinos. Tel. 09/2313123, 0599/658385.

Greek Orthodox Convent, Nablus

9. Holy Monastery of Mount Tabor

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Hilarion, Mob. 0522/413348, 6 Nuns.

Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 2100, Nazareth 16000.

E-mail: fatherilarion@hotmail.com    

10. Holy Monastery of the Prophet Elisha of Jericho

Abbot: Archimandrite Philoumenos. Tel. 02/2322433, 0549/350350.

Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 89, Jericho

11. Holy Monastery of Kana, Galilee

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Chrysostomos, Tel. 0547/849896

Email: jerousalem@hotmail.com & canagreekmonastery@hotmail.com

Greek Orthodox Convent, Kfar Cana. Fax. 04/6517111

12. Holy Monastery of the Holy Apostles in Capernaum

Superintendent: Monk Irinarchos, Mob. 0532/840991 & 0528/858421.

Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 385, Tiberias.

Tel. 04/6722282, Fax: 04/6791535. Email: capernaoum1@gmail.com

13. Holy Monastery of St George in Lod (Lydda)

Hegoumen: Hieromonk Marcellus. Mob. 0504/931632. Tel. & Fax: 08/9222023.Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 230, Lod

14. Holy Monastery of St George in Beit-Jala, Al-Khader

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Ananias. Tel. 02/ 2743233, 0528/658828, 0544/598201

Email: ananias1232@gmail.com P.O. Box 1399 Jerusalem Israel 9101302

15. Holy Monastery of the Prophet Elias

Caretaker: Monk Achillios

Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 11006, Gilo, Jerusalem

16. Holy Monastery of John the Baptist in the Jordan

Superintendent: Archimandrite Bartholomew. Tel. 0543/158798

17. Holy Monastery of Palm Sunday, Bethphage

Superintendent: Nun Savvina. Tel. 0542/076941, 0542/421175.

Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 29697, Jerusalem

18. In Beit-Jala, Churches: of the Nativity of Theotokos, of St Nikolaos and of the Archangel Michael

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Ignatios. Tel. 02/2773135, 0522/810522

Officiating priests: Stewards f. Georgios Sahuan, Tel. 02/2751482, Mob. 0597/029084; f. Pavlos El Alam. Tel. 02/2764708 Mob. 0598/935957; f. Joseph Hondali Tel. 02/2777017 Mob. 0597/591093 & Priest Elias Zorob tel: 0586/709110, 0595/406971, 02/2751757, tel & fax at the Priests’ office: 02/2743178

19. In Ramallah, Church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Galaktion, Tel: 02/2964684, 0599/805586

Office: Tel. & Fax: 02/29656618

Officiating priest: Steward f. Yacub Houri. Tel & Fax: 02/2965417, Mob. 0599/839881. Address: Greek Orthodox Convent, P.O. Box 307, Ramallah

20. In Ramli, Church of St George

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Niphon, Tel. & Fax: 08/9221174 Mob. 0544/484786. Address: Greek Orthodox Convent, Kehilat Detroit Street 2, P.O. Box 38, 7100 Ramli. email: nifonmitsoulis@yahoo.com

21. In Oreini, Monastery of John the Baptist

Hegoumen: Monk Chariton. Tel. 02/6436297, 0544/865063.

P.O. Box 14223, Jerusalem 91141, Israel

22. In Haifa, Churches of St. John the Baptist and of  Prophet Elias

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Artemios Officiating priest: Steward f. Demetrios Samra, Tel: 0504/743045, Fax: 04/9503990

23. In Fhes, Monastery of St George; and in Alali in Fhes, Monastery of St James the Brother of God 

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Ieronymos. +962/6/5311140, +962/79/5892787

Officiating priests: Stewards; Paneteleimon Houri, mob: +962/77/2436822 &  Romanos Samaoui +962/79/5854465 & Priest Psara Dahabra, mob: +962/79/5019558.

Active in Fhes is “St George” Christian Youth and a Boy Scouts Association. Sunday Schools, a Women’s Association, an Orthodox Society, and an Orthodox Charity Association are also in operation. St George’s Shrine operates in Mahes.

24. In Nablus, Rafidia and Nousfizbil Holy Churches of the Annunciation of Theotokos, St Dimitrios, Moses of Aithiopia and St George

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Leontios. Tel: 058/4075515 & 0569803604

25. Holy Monastery of the Shepherds in Beit-Sahur

Metochion of the Holy Lavra of St Savvas

Superintendent: Archimandrite Ignatios. Tel. 02/2773135, 0522/810522. Fax: 02/2773118. P.O. Box 11377, Jerusalem 911301, Israel

26. In Burqin, namely the Village of the Ten Lepers. St George’s Church

Superintendent: Monk Vissarion. Tel: 0569/397582. P.O. Box 32369, Jerusalem, Israel.

27. Holy Monastery of St. George in Ma’in, Hospitality Centre for the Elderly & Campsite. Owner & Hegoumen: Archimandrite Innokentios, mob: +962/79/5557727 & +962/77/5443878.

28. Estate of Monk Galaktion

Superintendent: Monk Lazaros 

29. St Chariton’s Lavra at Ain-Farah


 30. Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross in Qasr El-Mutran

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Hilarion, Mob: 0522/413348