Churches in the East Bank (Jordan)


1. In Amman. A) Cathedral of the Hypapante of the Lord.

Dean Priest: Archimandrite Nectarios Mansour.

Vicars: Stewards f. Ibrahim Danbour. Tel. +962/6/5817924, f. Boulos Houri. Tel. 06/5824367, f. Petro Janho. Tel.  +962/6/5523004. Women’s Association “The Myrophorae”. Youth Association of the Church of Hypapante. “St Nektarios” Youth Association, Orthodox Scouts team Sweifieh


B) Cathedral of the Annunciation of Theotokos.

Superintendent: Archimandrite Benedict Kayal. Officiating Priests: Stewards f. Constantinos Karmas. Tel. +962/79/5566354,  and f. Irineos Medinat. Tel. +962/79/56922080. Women’s and Youth Association “The Annunciation”.

C) Church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour 

Officiating Priest: Priest Soterios Halasa, Tel. +962/6/4772928. Youth Association “The Saviour”. Women’s Association “The Transfiguration of the Saviour”.

D) Church of the Ascension in Hilda.

Officiating Priests: Steward f. Ibrahim Kakis Tel. +962/79/5419461. & Steward Gerasimos Tasman, mob: +962/79/6660354, Steward Theodore Hadad, mob: +962/77/5419461 For the Russian-speaking congregation: Priest Nikolaos Koulinski, tel: 0544/700965, +962/79/1429286. Women’s Association “St  Thecla” Tel. +962/79/6562279. Youth Association “Patriarch Abraham” Tel. +962/79/5755222. Sunday School “ St. John the Baptist”, tel: +962/79/5969456

E) Church of the Prophet Elias in Abunser.

Holy Chapel: “St. Barbara” Officiating Priest: Fr. Seraphim Salman. Tel. +962/79/8009082 . Women’s Association “St. Barbara”, Sunday Schools “Prophet Elias”.

F) Church of the Nativity of Theotokos in Jabal Taj.

Officiating Priest: Priest DiodorosBasem-Hadad. +962/77/2159449. 

Women’s Association, Sunday Schools “The Nativity of Theotokos”

Ζ) Church of St George in Jabal Hashmi. 

Officiating Priest: Steward f. Abdullah Hamarne. Tel. +962/77/7756545.

Women’s Association, “St. George”.

Η) Church of St Nicholas in Marka.

Officiating Priests: Steward f. Issa Ayias. Tel. +962/75/8712760, Steward Ayoub Aweys, mob: +962/79/6696969

Support and Help Centre, Sunday Schools “St. Nikolaos”, Orthodox Scouts team.

I) Church of Saints Constantine and Helen in Marj Al-Hamam.

Officiating Priest: Steward f. Alexios Kakis. Tel. +962/79/9531699. Youth and Ladies Association “Saints Constantine and Helen”. Orthodox Scouts’ team “Marj Al-Hamam”.

2. In Salt. Α) Church of the Dormition of Theotokos & Church of St George (ancient Church) in Salt.

Officiating Priest Steward  Gabriel Taamne. Tel. +962/79/5924746. “St George” Orthodox Youth Association and Sunday Schools.

3. In Ermamen. Church of the Dormition of Theotokos.

Officiating Priest: Steward f. Matta Hadad. Tel. +962/78/5333710

4. In Safout. Church of St George.

Officiating Priest: Steward Alexandros Mahamre, mob: +962/79/6412012.

“Agios Georgios” Orthodox Youth Association. Sunday Schools, ans Ladies Association “St. George”.

5. In Zarqa. Church of St George.

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Athanasios Kakis. Church Fax: +962/5/3985318.

Officiating Priest: Steward f. Charalambos Hadad. Tel. +962/79/8933403.

Youth Association “St. George”, Women’s Association “The Myrophorae”, Orthodox Scouts Team of Zarka.

6. In Ader. Church of St George.

Officiating Priest: Steward Fr. Anton Medinat. Tel. +962/79/5730424. 

7. In Hmoud. Church of St George.

Officiating Priest: Steward Ioannis Hamati, mob: +962/79/5776615

8. In Rabba. (Areopolis) Church of St George.

Officiating Priest: Steward f. Constantinos Halasa. +962/79/5803906

9. In Dibbeen. Monastery of the Life-Giving Spring.

Inaugurated by the memorable Patriarch Diodoros in 1972.  Founded as a monastery in 1999. Spiritual father: Archbishop Christophoros of Kyriakoupolis. The Monastery is placed under the direct supervision and care of His Beatitude.

Abbess: Nun Irinaia Koues, mob: +962/79/6969103


10. Aqaba. Church of St Nicholas.

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Klavdios, mob. in Jordan +962/79/8541270. email:, mob. in Israel +972/525/880614. 

Officiating Priest: Steward Vasilios Martzi, mob: +962/79/5575103

11. By the River Jordan. Venerating Church of John the Baptist & Baptistery.

Hegoumen: Metropolitan Benedict of Philadelphia, mob: +962/79/6831809.