General Patriarchal Commissioner:
Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina. Tel: 02/6274941, 02/6281033

Patriarch’s Private Office:
Aides: Archimandrite Vartholomaios Tel: +972/543158798  & Archdeacon Markos Tel: +972/546112486  P.O. Box 14518, Jerusalem 91145

Russian Language Translator: Archimandrite Eusevios

Patriarchal Offices:

Elder Secretary-General: Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina.
P.O. Box 19632 & 19633, Jerusalem 91140
Tel. 02/6274941, 02/6281033. Fax: 02/6282048

Greek Department:
Secretary of the Holy and Sacred Synod: Archbishop Demetrios of Lydda
Protocol Sectιοn: Nun Ioustini

Code Section: Nun Pansemni

Secretary: Mr. Christos Kontogiannis 

English Department: Ms Anne Loubat & Ms Anna Koulouris

Arabic Department: Steward Fr. Issa Mousleh

Secretary: Mrs. Maria Hermanda, Tel: 02/6260002 

Press Office: Ms Aikaterini Karmi


Office for the pilgrims:   Archimandrite Stephanos   Tel: 0544/263240 email:

Patriarchal Library:
Librarian: Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina
E-mail: Tel 02/6285636, Fax: 02/6262718
Assistant: Archbishop Aristovoulos of Madaba 

Patriarchal Archives:
ArchivistArchbishop Dorotheos of Avila

Museum and Gallery:
Person in charge: Elder Kamarasis, Archimandrite Nektarios

Dragoman’s Office:
Elder Dragoman: Metropolitan Christodoulos of Elephtheroupolis, tel: 02/6280862
Vice Dragoman: Archimandrite Mattheos Tel: 0545/670625 email:


Elder Kamarasis: Archimandrite Nektarios

Gardener: Archimandrite Ioannikios


Master of Ceremonies for the Patriarchates:

Archimandrite Vartholomaios, tel: 02/6276492, 0543/158798,  and Archdeacon Mark.