Holy Monasteries and Churches in Jerusalem

1. Central Monastery of Saints Constantine and Helen (the Seat of the Hagiotaphite Brotherhood).
Overseer of the Typicon: Archimandrite Alexios. Officiating: 4 Priests 
Choir leader: Archimandrite Eusevios. Candle lighters: Novice Byron and Monk Seraphim

2. Holy Monastery of Little Galilee on the Mount of Olives. 
Holy Church Men of Galilee, wherein the Patriarchal residence.
Caretaker: Archimandrite Anthimos. Tel. +972-2-6287956
Holy Church of the Annunciation of the Dormition of Theotokos
Caretaker:  Archimandrite Anthimos. Tel. +972-2-6287956 

3. Holy Monastery of Saint Charalambos.

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Kallistos. Τηλ. +972-545 832567.

4. Holy Monastery of the Forerunner.
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Bartholomew Tel. +972-543-158798.

5. Holy Monastery of the Archangels.
Hegoumen: Archbishop Demetrios of Lydda.

6. Holy Monastery of Saint Nickolaos.
Caretaker: Archdeacon Mark tel: 0546/6112486

7. Holy Monastery of Saints Theodoroi
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Alexios Tel. 0547/471200

8. Holy Monastery of Saint George at the Jewish Quarter 
Abbess: Nun Marianna. Tel. +972-542-581575

9. Holy Monastery of Saint George of the Hospital.
Abbess: Nun Pansemni. Tel. +972-2-6277176.

10. Holy Monastery of Saint Basil.
Caretaker: Archimandrite Nectarios, mob: 0544/282390

11. Holy Monastery of Saint Catherine
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Stephanos. Tel. +972-544-263240 email: fr.stefanosjerusalem@gmail.com

12. Holy Monastery of Saint Spyridon.
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Sergios.

13. Holy Monastery of Saint Nicodemus.
Supervisor: Archimandrite Makarios.  Tel. +972-2-6260287

14. Holy Monastery of the Praetorium.
Abbot: Archimandrite Dionysios tel: 0546/106893

15. Holy Monastery of Saint Anna.
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Meletios. Tel.+972-544-628103

16. Holy Monastery of Saint Simeon in Katamon.
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Theodoritos. Tel. +972-2-6790477

17. Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross.
Hegoumen: Archbishop Philoumenos of Pella tel: 0542/421176  email: f_filoumenos@yahoo.com

18. Holy Monastery of Saint Onoufrios.
Abbess: Nun Paisia. Tel. +972-505-315530

19. Holy Monastery of Holy Sion. (The premises of the Patriarchal School).
Hegoumen: Archimandrite  Mattheos Tel. +972-2-6719773, +972/545670625

20. Holy Monastery of Saint Stephen.
Hegoumen: Archimandrite Epiphanios. Tel. 0586/112017, 02/6288092

21. Holy Monastery of Saint Panteleimon.
Abbess: Nun Charitini Tel. +972-2-6280684

22. Holy Monastery of the Ascension 
Supervisor: Monk Achillios. Tel. +972-2-6275924, +972-528-128087

Nuns: 7. email: monanalipsi.holyland@gmail.com

23. Holy Monastery of Saint Modestos.
Supervisor: Monk Antiochos. Tel. 0546/603249

24. Holy Monastery of Abraham.
Officiating: The Priests of the Holy Sepulchre

Holy Nunneries:

1. Holy Monastery of the Megali Panaghia.
Abbess: Nun Melanie. Tel. 0546/026930.

2. Holy Monastery of Saint Euthymios.
Abbess: Nun Sarrah, mob: 0544/305968

3. Holy Monastery of Panaghia Seyda Naya.
Abbess: Nun Serapheima. Tel.  +972-544-364157.

Chapels: 1. Saint Demetrios, 2. Saint Thecla Supervisor: the Typikon Keeper of the Central Monastery.

Cathedral of Saint James the Brother of God: wherein the Chapels of the Myrrh-bearing Women (Myrophorae) and the Holy 40 Martyrs, where the relics of the Patriarchs of Jerusalem are deposited.
Officiating Priests: Steward Fr. Charalampos (Farah) Bantour. Mobile: 0544/310863.  Tel: + 972-2-6284185 and Fr. George (Hader) Baramki.
President of the Community: Mr George Kamar. Tel. +972-2-6289954, mob. 0522/798174.