Holy Archdioceses


Patriarchal Commissioner: …….. ………Seat in Acre. Greek Orthodox Convent, Old City, 12/129 P. O. Box 1019, Akko. Tel. 04/9910563& 04/9913396

Holy Metropolitan Church of St George

Overseer: The Patriarchal Commissioner, Archimandrite Philotheos. 04/9811519, mob: 0528/359424 Fax: 04/9913396. Sunday School:  Archimandrite Philotheos Acre Youth Association: Archimandrite Philotheos  “St George” Women’s Association: Mrs Lamia Dip President of Scouts Association: Mr Tsad Al-Akel. Byzantine Music Teacher: Archimandrite Philotheos

Churches within the Holy Metropolis of Ptolemais

1. In Mpeane. Church of St Barbara.

Priest: Steward f. Nasser Kassis. Tel. 0546/205776. Fax. 04/9563298.

President of Women ‘s Association “Mirofores”: Mrs Jouliet Boulos.

2. In Jdeideh. Church of St Patrick.

Priest: Steward f. Elias Houri.Tel. 04/9914273 and the retired Steward f. Giries Kassis. Tel 04/9996256, fax 04/9564153

Responsible for the Women’s Association:  Steward f. Elias Houri.

3. In Maker. Church of Prophet Elias.

Priest: Steward f. Yakub Abu-Akel, mob: 0509/603603, tel & fax: 04/9964401. Women’s Association:“Myrrophorae”, Person in Charge: Steward Yakoub Abu-Akel. Scouts Association:  Mr Osama Boulos 0508/571751.

4. In Tarsiha. Church of Prophet Elias.

Priest: Stewards Fr. Gregorios Ampelini. Tel. 04/9974087. Fax.04/9570902 & Priest Savvas Mahouli, mob: 0543/476265.

5. In Ambelin. Church of St George.

Priest: Steward Fr. Savvas Haj 0522/338811 Orthodox Women’s AssociationSteward f. Savvas Haj. Sunday School: Fr. Savvas Haj & Mrs Mary Daim.

6. In Kufr Smea. Church of Saints Constantine and Helen.

Priest: Steward Antonios Azini. mob: 0546/887144, Tel. & Fax: 04/9976327.

7. In Pkea. Old Pkea. Church of St George

Priest: Fr. Ioannis Atras Tel: 0544/787193 email: atrashjohnny@gmail.com

New Pkea (Marsi). Church of St George

Priest:  Steward Nectarios Farah Tel: 0587/003001 email: nektarios.farah@gmail.com Women’s Association: Superintendent the Officiating Priest

8. In Kufr Yiassif. Church of St George.

Priests: Steward Fr. Theodosios Mahouli. Tel. 0543/109023, fax: 04/9968310 & Priest Charalambos Farah, mob: 0544/319697 Scouts Association: Mr Fuad Tuma, 04/9963833.  Summer camps: Priest Charalambos Farah. Sunday School:Steward Fr. Theodosios Mahouli & Priest Charalambos Farah.

9. In Sahnin. Churches of St George and of the Nativity of Theotokos.

Priest: Steward Fr. Saleh Houri. 0544/849416. Byzantine Music Teacher: Archim. Philotheos (on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Scouts Association : Mr Giries Yantush. Tel. 0505/553456.

10. In Rame. Church of St George.

Priest: Priest  George Hanna. Tel. 0509/589534. Scouts AssociationMr Michel Daut. 04/9987553. Women’s Association: Mrs Nabila Duha. Sunday School:Priest George Hana and Mr. Abud Azar.

11. In Sfa Amer. Church of Sts Constantine and Helen.

Priest: Priest Samuel Zayed, mob: 0506/961292 Tel. & Fax: 04/9500893. Women’s Association:Person in Charge; Fr. Samuel Zayed. Sunday School: Steward Samuel Zayed and Mrs. Roza Gataz.

12. In Abu-Snan. Church of St George.

Priest:Fr.Nikolaos Basal. Tel. 0545/359985 Fax: 04/9565253

Women’s Association; Sunday School & Byzantine Music Teaching:  Priest f. Nikolaos Basal & Presbytera Hazar Basal.

13. In Saab.

Priests: Archim. Philotheos, Steward f. Nasser Kasis.

The church operates once a month. The inhabitants of the village are Muslims.



The Most Reverend Kyriakos, Metropolitan of Nazareth, Exarch of all Galilee. Seat in Nazareth, wherein the Most Sacred Shrine of the Annunciation”. Tel & Fax: 04/6021533.  Greek Orthodox Metropolis, P.O. Box 15, Nazareth-Israel.

President of Nazareth Community: Mr. Basim Asfur. Fax: 04/6011578.

Venerating Church of the Annunciation of Theotokos.

Priests: Stewards f. Psara (Evangelos) Ouarouar. Tel. 04/6569349 f. Lazaros Awad. Tel. 04/6456463 & Priests Ioannis Shama and Symeon Beitjalli. Tel: 0543/180480.

Metropolitan Church of St George (wherein the ancient Synagogue).

Priests: The Priests of the Most Sacred Shrine,  Fr. Sergios Denisenko and Archimandrite Sviatoslav

Churches within the Holy Metropolis of Nazareth

1. In Eilaboun. Church of St George.

Ministering Priest: Fr. Spyridon Siuha.

2. In Turaan. Church of St George.

Priest: Priest Spyridon Souha.

Person in charge of the Sunday School: Mrs. Souheir Siouha Tel: 0528728208

3. In Yafea (Yafat Nasra). Church of St George.

Priest: Steward f. Gabriel Nandaf. Mob. 0526/733398

4. In Rene. Church of St. George

Officiating Priest: Steward Symeon Betzali Tel: 0543/180480

5. In Mudzentel. Church of St Nicholas.

Priest: Archimandrite Seraphim. Tel. 0506/514775; and f. Sergios Denisenko.

6. In Maalul. Church of the Ascension and the Prophet Elias.

Overseer: Archimandrite Hilarion. Mob.:0522/413348.