On Sunday, January 23rd/February 5th, 2023, Fr Constantinos Karmas, the elder Dean Priest of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, slept in the Lord.

The departed to the Lord Fr Constantinos Karmas was born in 1927 in the commune of Beit Jala. He joined the ranks of the clergy of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, being ordained as a deacon and priest in 1957 in the Holy Temple of the Meeting of the Lord in Amman and then received the office of Steward under the blessed Archbishop Aristovoulos of Kyriakoupolis.

After his widowhood, he received the office of Archimandrite by His Beatitude the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos in the year 2019.

After zeal and devotion, he served the Patriarchate of Jerusalem during the blessed Patriarchs of Jerusalem Benedictus, Diodorus, Irinaios and the current Patriarch Theophilos.

He was distinguished for his contribution to the flock of the Patriarchate in Jordan in a variety of ministries, cultivating the liturgical life, preaching, charity, maintaining a rich Library and developing constructive writing activity for the people. He also stood out for his patriotic attitude, supporting the rights of his beloved homeland Jordan, founded cultural and educational centers and represented the Patriarchate in many local and international Conferences. He enjoyed appreciation from the Jordanian Authorities and respect from the Jordanian people.

He was honored with the insignia of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre by the Blessed Patriarchs Benedictus and Diodorus and by the current Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos and by the President of the Palestinian State, Mr Mahmoud Abbas Abou-Mazen, with the awarding of the Star of Jerusalem for the year 2022.

On the morning of Monday, January 24/February 6, 2023, His Beatitude, our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos held a Trisayon at the monastic Church of Saints Constantine and Helen of the Hagiotaphite Brotherhood for the repose of his soul in the land of the living.

His funeral service was held in Amman in the Holy Church of the Meeting of the Lord, presided over by the Most Reverend Archbishop Christophoros of Kyriakoupolis, with the participation of all the clergy of the Patriarchate in Jordan and a large number of people honoring his offering to the flock and the Jordanian people.

In his funeral procession, His Beatitude sent the following condolence address. See link:


From Secretariat-General