By the application of the eased instructions of the Ministry of Health, due to covid 19, and in the order of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Holy Services of the Holy Week and the Luminous Resurrection were observed at the Doha Cathedral.

The Services were officiated by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Qatar with the ministering Priest Demetrios. The attendance of the faithful who participated in the Holy Communion with reverence and contemplation was the most numerous of the past years, having come from various cities of the Emirate and from Riyadh of Saudi Arabia.

These services were held in Greek, Arabic, Slavonic, Serbian, Romanian and English for the fullest participation of the multilingual flock. The Byzantine choir performed the hymns in a wonderful way and the Lamentations of Good Friday in Arabic, Greek and Serbian.

 On the night of Good Friday and Holy Saturday, the Ambassadors of Greece, Russia, Moldova and a representative of the Embassy of Serbia in Qatar arrived at the Holy Services.    

At the end of the Divine Liturgy of the Resurrection, the blessing of the Easter eggs followed and His Eminence distributed the blessed bread and red eggs to the faithful, wishing them the Paschal joy of the Resurrected Christ.

From the Holy Archdiocese of Qatar