“As our brothers and sisters around the world celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to the Gregorian calendar, today in the Orthodox Church it is Palm Sunday. Although on that first Palm Sunday the children and crowds did not realize the true power of the king they praised, both Palm Sunday and Easter Day are celebrations of Christ triumphant, king and victor over sin and death. Around the world today, whether Orthodox Palm Sunday or Western Easter, our celebrations are overshadowed by a pandemic that keeps worshippers at home. Many are suffering; many are frightened. Such experiences are part of our humanity. The events of Holy Week remind us that our Lord, Jesus Christ, who was perfect human and perfect God, also experienced fear, suffering and great pain. But Easter is the victory of God over these evil powers, the hope of the light of resurrection, and the promise of eternal life.


“I am the way, the truth and the life.” John 14:6


As followers of Christ, we are called to share in that victory and spread hope, which is why we have set up the ‘Easter Hope’ appeal, to provide for our communities and for families here in the Holy Land suffering hardship because of this situation. We assure you of our continued prayers, and convey our heartfelt solidarity with all of you. Amidst all of our suffering, may the light of the resurrection, the victory and the hope, enlighten you minds and warm your hearts in these blessed celebrations on this holy today.”

Christ is Risen! He is indeed Risen.