On Wednesday January 17/30, 2019, the Patriarchate celebrated the commemoration of our Righteous Father Anthony the Great at the chapel dedicated to him at the north aisle of the Church of St. Nikolaos, on the west side of the Patriarchate.

The Church celebrates St. Anthony as the great ascetic of Egypt who lived from 251 A.D. to 356 A.D. He strove in ascesis in strict self-denial, humility and evangelic precision for years, he was the teacher of thousands of monks and supported many Christians who were being persecuted by Maximinian in 312 A.D. and by the Areans during the time of the First Ecumenical Synod in Nice in 325 A.D.

The Patriarchate honoured at the aforementioned chapel this luminary of the Christian life, the legislator and leader and citizen of the monastic life, with Vespers in the evening and with the Divine Liturgy in the morning of the feast which was led by Priest Nikitas under the chanting of monks, and the prayer of monks, nuns and Christians.

The Care taker of the Monastery Archdeacon Mark offered a reception to this congregation at the hegoumeneion.

From Secretariat-General