On Friday, November 16, 2018, there was a Christmas event with an artistic program from various local traditions at the courtyard between the Bishop’s Residence and the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Qatar.

The artistic program included up-to-date Christmas songs from the Russian-speaking choir “Kamerton”, the Mixed Choir of the Roman Catholic Church, the children of the Orthodox Sunday School and the dance club of the Greeks of Qatar, who danced traditional dances dressed in traditional Greek costumes.

Hand-made Christmas decorations, presents and items of worship were made with the hard-working participation of the Orthodox Ladies Association, the Youth, and other members of the flock, and were offered on sale for the reinforcement of the mission of the Archdiocese. Also on offer form various companies and ladies-members of the flock, was a great variety of delicacies from the Arabic, Greek, Serbian, Romanian, Moldavian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisines.

The event honoured with their presence the Ambassadors of Greece, of the Republic of Cyprus, and representatives of other denominations in Doha.

The great attendance of the Orthodox faithful of Qatar and members of other Christian Communities confirmed the success of this event.

  From the Archdiocese of Qatar