The Feast of the three Hierarchs – Saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom – was celebrated by the Patriarchate at the Holy Church of the Holy Trinity inside the Patriarchal Priestly School of Zion, on Monday January 30/ February 12, 2018.

This Feast of the common commemoration of the Three Hierarchs has been celebrated by the Church since the 11th century. This came as a settlement on the prevailing argument in Byzantium regarding who is the best, at the highest rank and the greatest of the three saints.

This Church feast is also a feast of the Education, as the three Hierarchs protected and influenced the education with their correct ideas on the classical education and the Christian teaching of the Gospel.

On the morning of this feast of the education, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the aforementioned Holy Church of the School. The Service was officiated by the Chairman of the School Board, Most Reverend Archbishop Isidoros of Hierapolis, with co-celebrants the Archimandrites Porphyrios, Nectarios – Elder Kamarasis – , Dragouman Mattheos, the Arab-speaking Priest Nectarios and Hierodeacon Patrick. The choir was led by the left choir singer of the Church of the Resurrection Mr. George Alvanos with the help of the School students. The Service was attended by a congregation of the teachers, monks, nuns and noble pilgrims.

The Sermon of the day was delivered by the School Director Archimandrite Mattheos, who also offered a reception to the Episcopal entourage and the congregation at the reception hall of the School after the Divine Liturgy.

From Secretariat-General

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