On Monday 21st November/4th December 2017, on the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos, the Patriarchal and Multi-Episcopal co-celebration of the Divine Liturgy took place at the Holy Church of the Saviour Christ in Moscow.

This co-celebration was officiated by His Beatitude the Patriarch of Alexandria Theodoros, with co-celebrants the Heads of the other Orthodox Churches and the Archbishops escorting them, and approximately 300 Archbishops of the Russian Orthodox Church who participated in the Synod for this festivity. There were also Hieromonks and Hierodeacons, while the choir of the Holy Church of the Saviour served in the chanting. Participants also in prayer were many Priests, monks, nuns and laity, all of them glorifying God in one confession of faith.

The Holy Communion of the Heads of Churches, Archbishops, clergy and laity was followed by an address of the Heads to His Beatitude the Patriarch of Moscow Cyril, delivered by the officiating the Co-celebration His Beatitude the Patriarch of Alexandria Theodoros, with a reply of the Patriarch of Moscow towards all the Heads of Churches. Consequently there was a reception and an afternoon meal.

Later in the afternoon, H.H.B. attended the festal Service at the State Kremlin Building, while in the evening He attended the dinner in honour of the Heads of the Churches, which was offered by the President Putin. After dinner, His Beatitude had a private meeting with President Putin.

With all the above the visit of His Beatitude the Patriarch of Jerusalem in Moscow came to an end.

From Secretariat-General

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