The Holy and Sacred Synod of the Jerusalem Patriarchate chaired by its President H.H. Beatitude our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos in its Meeting on Tuesday 15th/28th November 2017 made the following decisions:

  1. Appointed the Most Reverend Archbishop of Tabor a member of the School Board.
  2. Appointed Archimandrite Nectarios Dean Priest in the Holy Church of the Meeting of the Saviour and St. Nectarios chapel in the Metropolis of Amman.
  3. Appointed Dragouman Archimandrite Mattheos Managing Director of the Patriarchal School of Zion.
  4. Appointed Archimandrite Dionysios Hegoumen of the Holy Monastery of Praetorion and ministering Priest of Gethsemane.
  5. Appointed Archimandrite Kallistos Hegoumen of the H. Monastery of St. Charalambos.
  6. Appointed Archimandrite Sophronios Hegoumen of the Holy Monastery of Tiberias.
  7. Appointed Archimandrite Bartholomew Steward of the Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist in the Jordan river.
  8. Appointed Hierodeacon Sophronios Secretary at the Secretariat General Office.
  9. Appointed Hieromonk Euphrosynos teacher at the Patriarchal School of Zion.
  10. Appointed Nun Euphemia teacher at the Patriarchal School of Zion.
  11. Decided on the ordination to Deacon of Monk Patrikios in order to minister at the Church of the Resurrection.
  12. Decided the tonsure of novice Cheruvim and novice Apostolos.
  13. Appointed the steward Fr. Antonios Azini a ministering Priest in Acre-Ptolemaeda.
  14. Appointed Archimandrite Benedict Kagial who is on secondment from the Holy Metropolis of Drama, a ministering Priest of the Holy Church of the Annunciation in Abdali of Amman in Jordan.

From Secretariat-General