On Saturday 24th September/7th October 2017, the memory of the Holy First Martyr and equal to the Apostles St. Thecla was celebrated at her chapel in the Hagiotaphite Brotherhood, located to the west of the H. Church of Saints Constantine and Helen.

The Holy First Martyr  Thecla came from Ikonion of Asia Minor, she became a student of the Apostle of nations St. Paul and taught Christ in many towns, and having suffered a lot she died at the age of ninety in her own country.

In the aforementioned chapel dedicated to her, Vespers was held in the evening at the presence of H.H.B. our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos, officiated by Elder Kamarasis Archimandrite Nectarios and other Hagiotaphite Fathers, at the singing of the Typikon keeper of the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen Archimandrite Alexios and the Most Reverend Archbishop Demetrios of Lydda and Secretary of the Holy Synod.

After Vespers, boiled wheat and wine with dried bread were offered at the courtyard of the Epitropikon.

On the day of the Feast, according to the Order of worship, Matins and the Divine Liturgy were celebrated at the presence of His Beatitude, with the participation in prayer Hagiotaphite Archbishops and monks as well as pilgrims, nuns and the students of the Patriarchal School.

After the Divine Liturgy there was a reception at the Epitropikon where His Beatitude wished the Fathers the intercessions and help of the Holy First Martyr and equal to the Apostles Thecla.

From Secretariat-General

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