On Friday afternoon, 13th/26th May 2017, while being on a pilgrimage visit, a group of eighty monks of the Vatopedion Monastery of Mount Athos, under their Hegoumen Archimandrite Ephraim visited the Patriarchate, at the presence of the Most Reverend Metropolitans Athanasios of Limassol from the Church of Cyprus, and Ioustinos of New Krini and Kalamaria from the Church of Greece.

This exceptional and large group was warmly received by H.H.B. our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos and Hagiotaphite Fathers, and were welcomed in the Holy Land, the sanctified by the Incarnate presence, and in Jerusalem, watered and sanctified by the redemptive blood of the crucified and risen from the dead and ascended in the heavens our Lord Jesus Christ.

For this reasons, the eyes of all the Christians and the whole world are focused on Jerusalem, which conveys a message of hope, consolation and joy, projected by the Life-giving Sepulchre of Christ, of which the Sacred Edicule was recently renovated by the help and sponsorship of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedion among others. All pilgrims visiting the Holy Land draw the water of Christ’s teaching which was taught here.

The entity and identity of the Christians of the Holy Land and the Middle East are kept in the Church of Jerusalem. The Most Holy Shrines constitute the shield of protection of the Christians in various districts under the Patriarchate jurisdiction which reaches as far as the remote Qatar.  

Emotional, the Hegoumen Arch. Ephraim thanked His Beatitude for His welcome and His Fatherly and Patriarchal words, and asked for His prayers in order to continue serving and working on his Athonite striving. He underlined the miracle of the continuation of the sanctifying mission of the Church of Jerusalem and offered His Beatitude a set of engolpia.

His Beatitude offered Geronda Ephraim a pectoral cross, an icon of the Sacred Edicule and a copy of the recently discovered cross made by Kalfa Komnenos of Mytilene. To the Priests of the Monastery, He offered ivory crosses and to the monks icons, and thanked the Holy Brotherhood of Vatopedion for their support and participation at the restoration project of the Sacred Edicule.

From Secretariat-General


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