On Holy and Great Friday afternoon, 1st/14th April 2017, the Vespers in memory of the Deposition of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ from the Cross by Joseph of Arimathea was observed at the Catholicon of the Most Holy Church of the Resurrection.

For this Service the Hagiotaphite Brotherhood went down to the Church of the Resurrection according to the Church order, via the stairs of St. James the Brother of God Cathedral, with His Beatitude our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem wearing a cross and epanokalimauhon and the other Hagiotaphite Archbishops and Priests wearing epanokalimauhon.

Vespers was observed as a Great Parresia, with the Patriarch and His Entourage going up to Golgotha to venerate the sacred passion of the Lord for our sake, with incense, Great Entrance, Aposticha and the Doxasticon by the Choir Leader of the Most Holy Church of the Resurrection Archimandrite Aristovoulos and choir singer Mr. George Alvanos with their helpers in the choir.

After Vespers dismissal, the Hagiotaphite Brotherhood returned to its repentance in the Central Monastery, in order to prepare for the Epitaph Service later on at night.

From Secretariat-General


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