The Service of the Akathist Hymn was officiated by the Most Reverend Archbishop Makarios of Qatar at the Holy Cathedral of Saints Isaac and George in Doha, with contrition at the participation of a multitude of faithful, on Friday 18th/31st March. The Service was held for the first time in front of the Holy Icon of Theotokos, which is an offering from Jerusalem Patriarchate for the congregation of the Archdiocese of Qatar.

The Service was held in the Greek, Arabic and Serbian languages. The members of the congregation expressed their warm thanks to the Patriarchate as well as their admiration for the offer of the elaborate icon of the Theotokos which they consider their protector and curator of Qatar.

At the end of the Service the Archbishop gave a sermon on the Most Holy Theotokos, referring to the history of the Akathist Service with simple but concise words.

From the Holy Archdiocese of Qatar

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