On Sunday, evening of the Feast of Christ’s Nativity, 26th December 2016 / 8th January 2017, the distinguished member of the Greek Community of Jerusalem, dentist Mr. John Tleel, the author of the book “I am Jerusalem”, consigned to the Patriarchate Website his article about the Church of the Resurrection and the present restoration works at the Holy Edicule of the Holy Sepulchre. The article is as follows:


“The Temple of the Anastasis (Resurrection)

Where are you going, I am asking my friend, and he replies, to the Naos, the Temple, today is Palm Sunday. He does not use the usual wording “church”. To me it is the Temple, and it could be the third Temple of that time and even all times. It was built by an Emperor, the great Emperor Constantine and his mother Queen Helen.

Till today, and after 2017 years, in spite of many enemies, who destroyed and wanted to get rid of it, the Constantinian foundations are still proudly there. Yes, I saw them with my own eyes one night, when the Temple gate was closed as usual, (with the centuries old and unique in the world historical Muslim/Christian tradition), myself and Leo Collas, the then architect of the Rum (Roman) Orthodox Patriarchate and the Greek Government, we remained inside the Temple and we were gracefully hosted by the Skevophylax, Superior Archimandrite Daniel, with whom we shared the blessed Holy Sepulchre monastic frugal supper.

At that time special repairs, of consolidation and restoration were at last taking place, after the signing agreement, between the three main Communities, the Greek Orthodox, the Latin and Armenian Orthodox, in March, 1958.

Jerusalem through the ages was always a City of religion and venerated as a religious City, but the birth of Christianity and Christendom, the importance of the Holy City of Jerusalem increased, and not only the local Christian population, but Christian pilgrims from the four corners of the earth rushed out, to visit the Holy Land, in order to venerate and prostrate before Christ’s Holy Tomb, to light a candle and pay a blessed pilgrimage to all the Holy Places.

Today more than any time in the past, Jerusalem and particularly the Old City is an Icon beyond human understanding, and the miracle of the Holy Light, (Holy Fire) that emerges from the most sacred Temple of the Anastasis of Holy Saturday, illuminates from the beginning and till the end the currently taking place formidable consolidation modern technics around the Holy Edicule of the Holy Sepulchre. The National Technical University of Athens under the supervision of the distinguished Professor N.T.U. A., Antonia Moropoulou, Vice President T.C.G., is taking the great responsibility of the entire extremely delicate project.

The main reason for writing the present theme, is the current works of preservation and consolidation of the Edicule of Christ’s Holy Sepulchre, for me, it is a miracle, that is why I feel exceptionally privileged to see and experience this second and highly needed achievement taking place in 2016 after living that of 1958.

The Temple of the Anastasis, of the Holy City of Jerusalem and especially to me, is in fact the world Ecumenical Temple and could be also, under the present world chaos, a universal interfaith paradigm.

My humble congratulations to all the parties, religious, political, technical, the media and all the interested in these most historic works of the Κουβούκλιον (Edicule) of Christ’s Holy Tomb.

A Paean (Παιάν) to the Holy Edicule

Of the Tomb of Jesus Christ

Dr. John N. Tleel

Author of “I am Jerusalem”


Old City Jerusalem

January 2017”