On Sunday, the 25th of April/8th of May 2016, the Patriarchate celebrated the touching of the Lord by the Apostle Thomas on the 8th day after the Resurrection, behind closed doors. Thomas was with them and when the Lord appeared He told him: “Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” Upon touching, Thomas exclaimed: “My Lord and my God!” Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20, 29).

The event was commemorated in the form of Parrhesia. On Saturday evening, the Ninth Hour was read at the monastic church of Sts Constantine and Helen, before the Prelatic Entourage, led by Metropolitan Isychios of Kapitolias, walked to the Church of the Resurrection.

Upon their arrival there, the members of the Synod venerated at the Holy Apokathelosis, the Holy Sepulchre and Golgotha, after which the Great Vespers was held, followed by the Great Entrance and the Breaking of Bread. Novice monk G. Papanikolaou sang on the right and Archimandrite Alexios on the left.

On feast-day, the morning of the Sunday of Thomas, the divine Liturgy was held at the Holy Sepulchre, led by Metropolitan Isychios, who had as concelebrants: Archbishops Demetrios of Lydda and Philoumenos of Pella, and Hagiotaphite priests and deacons. Novice monk G. Papanikolaou sang again with students from the Patriarchal School, as local Christians and pilgrims from Greece, Russia and Romania participated.

After the service, the Hagiotaphites returned to the Patriarchates, where Metropolitan Isychios wished that guests be graced with the power and blessing of the Resurrected Lord, and went on to offer them Easter eulogias.

From the Secretariat-General