On the occasion of the completion of thirty years since the destruction in Chernobyl, a memorial service was held for the victims on the Saturday of Lazarus, in the presence of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Doha, Mr Yevgeni Mykytekno, and several faithful.

The Services of the Holy Week and the Glorious Resurrection were performed with special brilliance at the Holy Archbishopric of Qatar.

A crowd of faithful, from cities of the Emirate, but also of Saudi Arabia, partook of the Divine Liturgy with piety and reverence.

The services were performed in the Greek, Arabic, Slavic, Serbian, Romanian and English languages for the most thorough participation of the multilingual flock. Hieropsalts marvellously performed hymns, whilst choirs performed the Engomia of Holy Friday in Arabic, Greek and Romanian.

On the night of Holy Saturday, the Ambassadors of Greece, Georgia, Romania, and representatives of the Embassies of Russia, Serbia and Moldavia in Qatar attended the Resurrection service.


From the Archbishopric of Qatar