On Saturday, the 6th/19th of March 2016, the Saturday of the First Week of the Fasting Period, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem commemorated the miracle of St Theodore the Tyron and the Great-Martyr at the Monastery dedicated to his name to the west of the Patriarchate on the way to the New Gate.

St Theodore the Tyron, named after the order of the new recruits of the Roman Army where he served, suffered a martyr’s death by fire during the reign of Maximian in the year 217 AD.

During the 4th c., St Theodore appeared in a vision to Archbishop Eudoxius during the reign of Julian the Apostate, and informed him that, in the course of the first week of fasting, Julian had sprinkled the edibles at the market of Constantinople with the blood of animals, and urged him to inform Christians not to buy or eat any of them, but eat boiled wheat instead. The Christians obeyed and remained pure of the contagion of idolatry.

Vespers and the divine Liturgy in honour of St Theodore were led by Metropolitan Joachim of Zambia, with Archimandrite Ignatios, hegumen at the Monastery of the Village of the Shepherds, Archimandrite Porphyrios, Archimandrite Paisios, hegumen at the Monastery of the Prophet Elias, Archdeacon Evlogios and f. Nikita concelebrating. Archimandrite Aristovoulos sang for a pious congregation of monks, nuns, locals and pilgrims rom Greece, Russia and Romania.

During the service, Patriarch Theophilos arrived at the church to venerate.

The Patriarchal and Prelatic Entourages were hosted by the hegumen, Archimandrite Alexios.

From the Secretariat-General