On Saturday, the 24th of January/6th of February 2016, the Most Reverend Georgios, Metropolitan of Kitrous and Katerini, visited the Patriarchate. He was accompanied by priests and 20 pilgrims from his Bishopric.

The guests were warmly welcomed by Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem.

At the meeting, the Most Reverend Georgios expressed hoy over visiting the Holy Land once more, adding that what pertains to the Holy Land is precious to him and his flock. He went on to refer to the successful organization of Christian camps undertaken by his Bishopric in collaboration with the Patriarchate for youth from the Holy Land, and gave assurances that such camps will be organized again, not only during the summer months, but throughout the year, as Christian youth across the world are brothers in Christ and should remain united.

His Beatitude agreed with Metropolitan Georgios and went on to congratulate him on his humanitarian work, and on his love for the Holy Shrines. The Patriarch also referred to the conservation needs of these Shrines and specifically to the most recent example of the Holy Sepulchre.

After the exchange of gifts, Metropolitan Georgios asked for the Patriarch’s blessing in order to officiate at the Holy Sepulchre, and left to carry on his pilgrimage.

From the Secretariat-General