On Sunday, the 18th/31st of May 2015, the Patriarchate celebrated the feast of Pentecost, commemorating the enlightenment of the disciples through the Holy Spirit in the form of tongues of fire, after which they went on to proclaims the wonders of God in foreign language and to found the Church by baptizing 3.000 faithful (Acts, 1,2).

This wondrous and remarkable event which has determined the course of the entire world, was celebrated with Vespers at the Church of the Resurrection, led by Archbishop Theodosios of Sebaste.

On Sunday, the Hagiotaphites walked in procession to the Church of the Resurrection, where they venerated at the Holy Apokathelosis and the Holy Sepulcher.

Afterwards, amidst bells tolling, the priests put on their official attire, whilst the Patriarch exchanged a fraternal embrace with the Primates.

The Divine Liturgy was performed at the Aedicula of the Holy Sepulcher, led by Patriarch Theophilos. Co-officiating were Metropolitan Isychios of Kapitolias, the Archbishops of Gerassa, Avila, Sebaste and Lydda, Hieromonks, Archdeacon Evlogios, Deacons Dionysius and Anastasius, and Russian Deacons. In attendance was the Greek Consul-General to Jerusalem and his associates, as well as pilgrims from Greece, Russia, Romania and other countries.

After the apolysis, Vespers began for the Monday of the Holy Spirit, with Pentecost kneeling prayers proclaimed in front of the Holy Aedicula.

On the conclusion of Vespers, the Hagiotaphites returned to the Patriarchates, where the congregation proceeded to receive the Patriarch’s blessings.

From the Secretariat-General