On the morning of Easter Tuesday, the 1st/14th of April 2015, the President of Israel, Mr Reuven Rivlin, visited the Patriarchate.

His Excellency the President was welcomed at the Hall of the Throne by His Beatitude Theophilos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, in the presence of Hagiotaphite Fathers and the Leaders of Christian Churches in Jerusalem, as Archimandrite Aristovoulos with his assistants sang “Let’s rejoice on this Day of the Resurrection”.

On behalf of all, His Beatitude addressed the Israeli President in English, see link: https://en.jerusalem-patriarchate.info/2015/04/14/13615

The Patriarch went on to offer Mr Rivlin a silver seven-branch lampstand in commemoration of their meeting.

His Excellency the President was also addressed by the other Leaders of Christian Churches in Jerusalem.

In his reply speech, the President of Israel spoke in English (https://en.jerusalem-patriarchate.info/2015/04/14/13610) whilst offering the Patriarch a replica of a very old coin.

The Israeli President was accompanied by associates of his and the representatives of the Department of Christian Affairs at Israel’s Religions Ministry, Messrs. Salameh Yacoub and Cezar Margiye.  

From the Secretariat-General