In a spirit of piety and piousness, the flock of the Holy Bishopric of Qatar participated in the Sacraments of the Church and the Services of the Holy Week that preceded our Lord’s Resurrection.

The participation in the Holy Services of Orthodox faithful, both from the capital of Doha and from other cities in the Emirate but also in Saudi Arabia, was larger than previous years.

On the night of the Holy Saturday, the Ambassadors of Greece, Romania, and a representative of the Embassy of Russia and Moldavia in Qatar attended the Resurrection ceremony. Also, the Vespers of Love was conducted in the presence of Serb Foreign Minister, Mr Dacic.

Services were held in Greek, Arabic, Slavic, Serbian, Romanian and English in order to facilitate the participation of a multilingual congregation. Similarly, cantors performed the Hymns and choirs sang the Lamentations of Holy Friday in various languages.

From the Holy Archbishopric of Qatar