On Saturday the 15th/28th of March 2015, the Holy and Sacred Synod convened under the presidency of Patriarch Theophilos to discuss issues of interest to the Patriarchate.

One of these decisions was the approval to found two housing settlements, one in the city of Bethlehem, on land of the Patriarchate, and one in the adjacent town of Beit Jala. The settlements are intended to be offered on very favourable conditions to people of low means, whilst ownership of the land remains with the Patriarchate. The renting contracts for the settlements have been signed with HADI MASHAL & ASSOCIATES.

Upon a different decision of the Synod, Hierodeacon Polycarpos, serving at the Church of the Resurrection, was ordained as presbyter and promoted to the rank of Assistant Sacristan and Archimandrite.

Acting on the aforementioned decision, the Elder Sacristan of the Church of the Resurrection, His Eminence Isidoros, Archishop of Hierapolis, ordained Hierodeacon Polycarpos during the nocturnal Divine Liturgy of Saturday the 15th/28th to Sunday 16th/29th of March 2015, at the Life-Giving Sepulcher.

Attending the ceremony was f. Polycarpos’ mother, alongside numerous Hagiotaphite Deacons at the Church of the Resurrection, Hagiotaphite Fathers and pilgrims, praying for him to be blessed with the grace of the All-holy Spirit in order to guard the interests of the Patriarchate in the Holy Shrines.

On the conclusion of mass, the newly ordained hosted guests to a reception at the Office of the Elder Sacristan, Archbishop Isidoros of Hierapolis.

From the Secretariat-General