On 12 December 2014, His Beatitude Theodoros, Patriarch of Alexandria, visited the Exarchate of the Holy Sepulcher in Cyprus. He was accompanied by the Most Reverend Makarios, Metropolitan of Kenya, and the Exarch of the Patriarchate of Alexandria to Cyprus, f. Athenodoros. His Beatitude was welcomed by the Most Reverend Timotheos, Metropolitan of Bostra at the entrance to the Exarchate, and together they attended mass. On the conclusion of the divine Liturgy, a supplication was made for the Patriarch.

The Most Reverend Timotheos went on to address His Beatitude Theodoros, saying how moved he was over this honour bestowed upon the Exarchate. He then pointed out the historical significance of this visit in terms of the relations between these two ancient Patriarchates, in particular for the life and contribution of the Exarchate. An engolpiyon and an icon of the Ascension were then offered to His Beatitude.

On his behalf, the Patriarch referred to the link between the two Patriarchates and to the fact that Patriarchs of Alexandria originate from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. He then referred to his personal contact with the Holy Land, during the first years of his prelacy, through Metropolitan Theodoros of Lampi and Sfakia, his spiritual guide. The Patriarch also talked of his friendship with Metropolitan Timotheos of Bostra and Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias, praising the former for his fine work in restoring the Exarchate.

His Beatitude then blessed the faithful and the premises of the Exarchate, before attending a reception hosted for clerics and laymen alike.

On his departure, Patriarch Theodoros signed the guest book.

From the Exarchate of the Holy Sepulcher in Cyprus