On Bright Monday, namely the 8th/21st of April 2014, the feast of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ was celebrated for the Hagiotaphite Fathers and pilgrims at the Holy Monastic Church of Sts Constantine and Helen.

Officiating at the Divine Liturgy was His Beatitude Theophilos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, with co-praying Hagiotaphite Prelates, Hieromonks, deacons and monks, in the presence of a crowd of joyful pilgrims.

The service was followed by progression to the Patriarchates, His Beatitude dressed in a mantle, and the priests dressed in sacerdotal garments, while the Head Cantor of the St Constantine Church, Archimandrite Evsevios, chanted “Christ Has Risen” and “Let us shine in the light of the Resurrection”.

At the Patriarchate, a supplication was made, and the Patriarchal Polychronism chanted.

The ceremony was followed by the fraternal embrace of forgiveness.

From the Secretariat-General