In the morning of Saturday the 16th/29th of March 2014, a delegation of thirty representatives of Sweden’s Christian Churches visited the Patriarchate.

The delegation, numbering approximately thirty pilgrims, represents Christian Churches in Sweden, namely Orthodox, Roman-Catholics, Lutherans, Ante-Chalcidonians etc.

The group, which is representative of the Christian entity in Sweden, living in liberty, was received by H.B. Theophilos, our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem, and Hagiotaphite Fathers.

To the members of this group, clerics and laymen alike, His Beatitude spoke about the Patriarchate as the Church of the Holy Land, assigned since the early days of Christianity with the spiritual guidance of Christians in the Holy Land, the safekeeping of the Holy Pilgrimage Sites, and management of the property which allows the preservation of Christians in the Holy Land.

The work of the Patriarchate also extends to philanthropy, as demonstrated in the case of the displaced from Syria, and to education, by maintaining its Schools.

At the end of the discussion, His Beatitude offered all members of the group Jerusalemite Hagiotaphite eulogias, after which they went on to visit the Christian Communities in Jerusalem and the occupied areas.

From the Secretariat-General