On Thursday the 14th/27th of March 2014, the General Military Commander of Israel’s Civil Administration in the occupied territories of Bethlehem, Jericho and Samaria, Mr David Menachem, visited the Patriarchate accompanied by the Military Commander of Bethlehem, Mr Yael, his assistant Mr Yazeed and the Director of the Christian Affairs Department, Mr Sesar Margie.

Mr Menachem inquired His Beatitude about the needs of the Patriarchate as regards the impending feast of Easter and facilitations for the faithful in terms of crossing the checkpoints from the occupied territories to Jerusalem.

His Beatitude thanked the Military Commander for his cooperation and asked that the significance of Easter to Christians residing in Jerusalem be taken into account in terms of facilitating the participation in the feast of Christians from the occupied territories as well as of pilgrims.

In the context of the visit, His Beatitude offered Mr Menachem a silver representation of the transfer of the cluster of grapes by Israeli spies having visited the city of Jericho.

From the Secretariat-General