On Thursday the 7th/20th of March 2014, Ms Randa Siksek and Ms Nadia George Karaa visited His Beatitude Theophilos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, in order to extend their thanks over the fact that He led the funeral service for the late Henrietta Siksek, who passed away on Saturday the 2nd/15th of March 2014, at the age of 96.

The late Henrietta Siksek was the founder of a very significant charitable project known as “Four Homes of Mercy” in Bethany. The foundation, of the Siksek family, provided shelter to thousands of elder people and children abandoned by their families, people suffering from incurable mental and other diseases. Today, the “Four Homes of Mercy” hosts approximately seventy residents.

During His meeting with Ms Randa Siksek, a relative of the late Henrietta Siksek, and Ms Nadia George Karaa, current Director of the “Homes”, His Beatitude praised the selfless and extensive charitable work of the late H. Siksek. In order to contribute to the continuation of this work, His Beatitude offered the amount of €10.000 to be deposited into a special bank account, its savings intended for the education of children residing at the foundation. Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina contributed 10.000 USD$ for the same purpose.

Extending her thanks, Ms Randa Simon Siksek offered His Beatitude a text from the Old and New Testaments published in three volumes by the Church of Russia in 1821. The volumes belonged to the late George Siksek, who translated the Great Horologion from Greek into Arabic.

His Beatitude delivered the books to Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina, who also serves as Librarian, for safekeeping.

From the Secretariat-General