On Tuesday, the 22nd of May/4th of June 2013, the tonsure took place of two monks by HB Theophilos, Our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem. The monastic initiation was conducted at the Chapel of the Pentecost which is adjacent to the Patriarchate Hall, in the presence of Fathers of the Holy Sepulcher, novice Paris Vasiloyiannis of Achaea, serving at the Tomb of the Mother of God in Gesthemane, who took the name Palladios, and novice Constantinos Papachristos of Leivadeia, serving at the All-holy Church of the Resurrection, who took the name Cyril.

After the tonsure rite, His Beatitude addressed the two tonsured monks, declaring that the Grace of God has merited them with prosperously concluding their novitiate and with now being received into the Angelic Schema of the Holy Sepulcher, which includes the period of novitiate but also the diaconate in which they have already been ordained, bearing responsibility for thousands of pilgrims who resort to the All-Holy Pilgrimage Sites in order to quench their thirst through life and salvation incarnated, crucified and resurrected in Christ.

From the Secretariat-General