Jerusalem Patriarchate recognizing the great potential offered by the Worldwide Net as a means of bidirectional communication with the believers proceeded in 2006 under the personal attendance of His Holy Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III to the foundation of the Official Website in the Network.

After many-months of altruistic as well as constant work and contribution of a) the General Manager of the Official Websites of the Patriarchate Dr. Christos Nikolaou b) Responsible for the gathering and editing of the website material Dr. Aikaterini Diamantopoulou, c) members of the Department of Medical Technology and Intelligence Computing Systems of the Department of Computer Engineering of Ioannina under Dimitris Photiadis, volunteers and special friends of the Patriarchate, the creation of the website was realized. http://www.jerusalem-patriarchate.info/.

The Website operates in Greek, English and Arabic, in order to present the multifaceted work of the Patriarchate objectively and truly in support of the Most Pious Holy Shrines and the Greek Orthodox (Roum Orthodox) congregation. In the Website, that is the main public forum of the Patriarchate, updated communication items are listed concerning the Holy Shrines, the Holy Monasteries, the Churches, the members and the Services of our Patriarchate.

In parallel, in the official News Portal of the Patriarchate https://en.jerusalem-patriarchate.info/ announcements and news that concern the Patriarchate are posted in Greek, Arabic and English accompanied by rich photographic material and videos and direct promotion of the news to the News Agencies, ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical, as well as the Greek agencies of Dispersion is enabled. Simultaneously communication with officials and organizations that visit the Patriarchate is achieved regarding the posting of the relevant pieces of news together with the corresponding photographs and videos.

After five years of operation of the website http://www.jerusalem-patriarchate.info/ we express our sincere gratitude to the contributors of this venture and we wish that by the Grace of God its unhindered in Christ operation will continue.

From the Official Website of Jerusalem Patriarchate Headquarters

(translated from the original document in Greek by Mrs. Irini Valasi)