The 16th Exhibition “ORTHODOXY” that was held at the Exhibition space HELEXPO in Thessaloniki, 15-18 May 2011 was conducted with great success. “Romiosini” a Non-Governmental Organization of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem participated, in kiosk 8, which was visited by Its members from Northern Greece as well as crowds of people.

N.G.O. “Romiosini” presented its action, which concerns the multifaceted help it offers to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Most Holy Shrines. Visitors’ information focused on:

a. the Secretarial support of the official website of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem www.jerusalem-patriarchate.info and the Portal News of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem en.jerusalem-patriarchate.info, under which N.G.O. “Romiosini” transmits and broadcasts  News of the Patriarchate in the Ecclesiastical Press, in both polytonic and monotonic orthography , conducts electronic mailing and communication related to the requests to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, proceeds to  the annual updating of the official website with new items. Simultaneously the website is enriched with photographic material and advances technically so that the potential of the website can be maximized. “ROMIOSINI” also coordinates the translation of the News and the Content of the Official Website in English, posting of the News of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem at the page of social network- Facebook- as well as its updating with new articles on a daily basis.

b. the construction and operation of the Website www.romiosini.org.gr with the view to presenting the Most Holy Shrines and the work of the Patriarchate, whereby mailing of the monthly Newsletter is conducted and the Members of N.G.O.” “Romiosini are electronically informed about all the activities and the current events, the Most Holy Shrines are panoramically presented in the Website of N.G.O. “Romiosini”, new articles regarding the activities of N.G.O“Romiosini” are posted in its social networking site -Facebook-, while on daily basis the site is updated with new material such as, the organization of International Conferences and participation in Workshops of the State and its institutions, the continuous and intensive effort to increase the number of enrollments in the Studies of the Patriarchal School of Zion in Jerusalem, the distribution of sacred vessels to the Holy Churches and Monasteries of  the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the organization of pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land annually so that the participants will be blessed and the Most Holy Shrines supported and the promotion of Romiosini worldwide through the posting of articles with Orthodox spiritual content will be enabled.

In parallel the accomplished projects were shown, among them the complete construction of the Priory/Hegoumeneio of the Holy Monastery of St.George , republication of the book “History of the Church of Jerusalem” of the Late Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Chrysostomos Papadopoulos and the publication of the book “The Land of Baptism at river Jordan” by Professor Fotios Dimitrakopoulos, the edition of a double CD with “Eulogies for the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos”, organization of an event at the Central Hall  of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, organization of International Conferences, participation in the Exhibition “ORTHODOXY” at Zappeio Megaro in Athens, organization of pilgrimage tours as well as the ventures in process, such as the network ventures “Radio Romiosini” and “Romiosini TV”, the publication of the book “St. George Rigatis” the publication of the book “New Zion” and the organization of new pilgrimage tours to the Holy Monastery of Panormiti in Simi and the Holy Land(July 2011).

Throughout the Exhibition the Deputy Manager of the organization Dr. Aikaterini Diamantopoulou, staff of N.G.O. “Romiosini” as well as its volunteers, briefed and informed the visitors of the Kiosk, providing the informative leaflets, brochures and cards, while distributing the 2CDs with the “Eulogies for the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos”, as a blessing from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the projection of the Most Pious Pilgrimages in Panoramic view through the Website of www.romiosini.org.gr was being conducted on a special screen, as well as a video projection with film footage from the events and actions of the organization. In addition, through the rich photographic material, which was displayed in prominent places of the kiosk, the visitor had the opportunity to become aware of the work and the activities of N.G.O. “Romiosini”.

The kiosk of N.G.O. was visited among others by the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki Anthimos, former-Minister of Culture Mr. Orphanos, former-Minister of Sports Mr. Ioannidis, Archimandrites, Head priests and Priests and several Professors of Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki. The number of enrollments so that the interested will be informed for the current News of The Patriarchate of Jerusalem from the Official Portal News and the actions of N.G.O. “Romiosini” amounted to 500.

Chief Secretary’s Office

(translated from the original document in Greek by Mrs. Irini Valasi)