In view of the day of  the Holy Saturday on the 23rd of April 2011 and of the Ceremony of the Holy Fire, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem announces to the pious pilgrims for their information and assistance, that according to the Israeli Police  statements and measures:

1.   Very early in the morning, as from 6.00 am o’clock (summer time) the pilgrims will have free access and can arrive for the Holy Liturgy and the Holy Communion at the Monasteries of: Saints Theodores, the Archangels, Great Panagia, Saint Panteleimon, Seidanaya, Saint Spiridon, Saint Charalambos and Saints Constantine and Helen (the service at the Saints Constantine & Helen will initiate at later time, at 8.00a.m (summer time) and thus it will not facilitate any pilgrims to attend the Ceremony of the Holy Fire in due time at the Church of Resurrection). The Managers of travel agencies are advised to consult the Superiors of the above Monasteries and enquire if they will perform the Holy Liturgy on Saturday morning in order for the pilgrims to receive the Holy Communion.

2.   After the end of the aforementioned service, the pilgrims who wish to enter into the Church of Resurrection will follow the directions of the Police to proceed to the outer side of the walls to the Gate of David (Jaffa Gate), in groups and under the guidance of their travel agent. From that point, they will proceed via Dabagah and Mouristan towards the Church of Resurrection.

3.   From 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning the Central Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre will have its entrance free of access for locals and pilgrims in order to stay therein, but not to pass through the courtyard of Saint Jacob to the Holy Courtyard of the Church of Resurrection.

4.   Official Delegations will arrange their arrival to the Church of Resurrection in deliberation with the Police.



From the Chief Secretariat of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Holy Wednestay, 2011