On Monday, 25th of January/ 7th of February 2011, a team of 25 People’s Deputies of the Parliament of Ukraine, under the auspices of entrepreneur Mr. Feldmann, visited the Patriarchate.  They were received by His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III Who cited the religious, cultural and conciliatory mission which was brought into fruition by the Patriarchate centuries ago and is especially important today in the midst of this tense and unstable political situation within our region. His Beatitude said that the People’s Deputies also partake in this work of the Patriarchate, today, through their visit as Orthodox Christians and as representatives of the Parliament of the Ukraine.

Mr. Feldmann, in thanking His Beatitude for the reception given to the visitors and for His speeches regarding the work and mission of the Patriarchate, offered Him a national symbol of Ukraine.

His Beatitude praised Mr. Feldmann for his humanitarian work and presented him and his escort with a large silver seven-branched candelabrum – a Menorah, with an explanation of the symbolism for Jews and Christians.  He also gave them a medal representing 2000 years of existence of the Orthodox Patriarchate, the book by Professor Votokopoulos about the illustrated manuscripts of the Patriarchical Library and the book by Professor Demitrakopoulos about the place of Baptism of the Lord.

The visit to the Patriarchate was followed by a visit and veneration at the Holy Sepulchre.

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