On Wednesday the 9th / 22nd of July 2010, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Ukraine His Excellency Mr. Kostyantyn Gryshchenko  visited the Patriarchate of Jerusalem accompanied by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the State of Israel His Excellency Mr. Hennadii Nadolenko. His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III addressed the honourable guests as follows:

“We welcome you with joy, Your Excellency, at our Patriarchate.  As you know, the Patriarchate has and performs a significant role at the Holy Shrines and in the peace process in the Holy Land.  The history of the Patriarchate is the history of the Holy Land.  The Patriarchate maintains close ties with, initially, Judaism and since the 7th century with Islam.  The role of the Patriarchate is instrumental in the shaping of the status quo of Jerusalem.  The Patriarchate has preserved and sustained the Holy Places-Holy Shrines whilst maintaining a close relationship with Ukraine which has a rich cultural heritage”.

Replying His Excellency Mr.Hryshenko said:

“It is true that we are aware of the role of the Patriarchate in the Holy Land and the efforts the Patriarchate is putting forth for the unity of the people in the Ukraine and the opinions that you have expressed on this”.

His Beatitude presented His Excellency with an icon of the Holy Sepulchre and the book by Mr. Vokotopoulos on the manuscripts of the Patriarchate Library. His Excellency then reciprocated by presenting His Beatitude with a depiction of the Parliament of Ukraine and a book on the cultural treasures of Ukraine.

Chief Secretary’s Office.