The following is an extract from the newspaper Kul Al Arab:

KUL AL  ARAB   Newspaper

Number 1157 / Friday 5/3/2010

‘Apology Announcement

The Newspaper Kul Al Arab on 6/4/2007 published an article against His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III and against the Law Office of Advocate Ahmad Al Mougrabi. In this article, incorrect information was reported causing damage to the reputation of His Beatitude and to the Patriarchate, concerning the disposal of the Patriarchate’s properties at Jaffa Gate. The Newspaper Kul Al Arab states that the reporter who wrote the article did not pay the proper attention and was not certain of the credibility of the sources which provided him with the information.

After an examination and cross-checking done by the management of the newspaper, it was found that the sources that provided this news had personal benefits from this article. The reporter of our newspaper was not objective and did not apply to His Beatitude or to the Law Office in order to get their official reply on what was about to be published in the article. Instead, the reporter opted to use unsubstantiated accusations and incorrect information which was proved not to be true.

Therefore the Newspaper Kul Al Arab on the grounds of its credibility, responsibility and duty towards its readers, apologizes to His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III and to the Law Office of Advocate Ahmad Al Mougrabi, Rami Moubrabi and Samer Zougbi for the damages caused to their reputation by the article. They accept His Beatitude’s assurance that He is always leading the battle in protecting the assets, properties and endowments of the Patriarchate, acquiring them back and restoring them solely under the Patriarchate’s ownership.’