On Thursday August 13th 2009, the outgoing Director of the IOCC in Eastern Europe, Mr. Dirk Lackovic-van Gorp, visited His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III together with his successor Mr. Gregory Manzuk.

Within the scope of this visit a discussion took place regarding the charitable activities of the IOCC (INTERNATIONAL ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CHARITIES, INC.). This organisation is supported by donations from the members of the Orthodox Churches of America, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ecumenical friends. It operates a representation in Jerusalem under a staff of six employees.

During the tenure of Mr. Dirk Lackovic-van Gorp, the organisation financially assisted the Patriarchate in response to the needs of the victims of the military conflict in Gaza. His Beatitude thanked Mr. Dirk Lackovic-van Gorp for this and emphasised, to the visiting representatives of the IOCC, the activities of the Patriarchate where aid and support is needed, such as the construction of churches, housing and schools and thanked them for their financial assistance to date.

The new representative of the IOCC, Mr. Gregory Manzuk, of Slovakian and Ukrainian descent is the son of a long serving priest of the Orthodox Church in America. Mr. Manzuk is a specialist in International Relations and peace. Mr. Dirk Lackovic-van Gorp, assured His Beatitude of the continuance of the good cooperation from his successor. His Beatitude presented a gift to the new IOCC Director, a commemorative medallion, which was issued for the 2000 years celebration of Christianity.

Chief Secretary’s Office