The Holy and Sacred Synod in its 24th Session today, June 11th, 2007 concluded the following announcement:

His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III and the Holy Synod trusted with the preservation and protection of Christianity’s holiest Shrines and fully committed to fulfil their obligations towards God, the Church, the pious congregation and the peace of the region:

Hereby declare and guarantee that:

During the tenure of Patriarch Theophilos III thus far, it is categorically stated, that he has not sold, disposed of or entered into any lease agreements, directly or through an authorised representative, in relation to any piece of land or property, to any party, neither in our outside the Old City of Jerusalem, nor in Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan or any other place in the world that the Patriarchate owns property, without the approval of the Holy Synod as delegated to the various Organs of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.

Furthermore, any transaction, in the future, related to any land and/or property in Jerusalem will solely be concluded in accordance with the Law of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem for the benefit of the Patriarchate and its congregation.

Throughout his tenure, Patriarch Theophilos III has used the property of the Patriarchate with transparency and good management, solely for the benefit of the Church and its congregation.

In this respect, the Holy Synod reminds the relentless and fruitful efforts of Patriarch Theophilos to release hundreds of dunums of the Patriarchate’s lands in Jerusalem, by paying off the heavy debt of 9 m. dollars, inherited by his predecessors.

The Patriarch and the Holy Synod will spare no effort in order to safeguard the ownership rights of the Patriarchate on any property which was transferred illegally and in violation of the Law of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem before Patriarch Theophilos’s tenure.

The Patriarch and the Holy Synod reiterate their commitment that they will continue their efforts in order to address the legitimate requests of the congregation and fulfil all their commitments so as to solve all relative issues.

From the Secretariat Office of the

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

Of Jerusalem