The august Patriarchate of Jerusalem, in recognizing the enormous possibilities that the internet offers as a means of two-way communication with believers, initiated and developed its official website on the internet with the personal solicitude of His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III.

For several months volunteers and distinguished friends of the Patriarchate and members of our staff have served with selfless devotion in partnership with the staff of the Unit of Medical Technology and Intelligent Information Systems of Ioannina University in developing the Patriarchate’s website with the following address:

This will be expanded to include more languages, particularly Arabic and English, aiming at a fair, objective and true presentation of the  Patriarchate’s rights and struggles for the world’s Sacred Heritage – the Holy Shrines and its Greek Orthodox (Romeian Orthodox) Christian flock.

This website aspires to become the main public media platform for the Patriarchate and shall also post newsreel relating to the Holy Shrines, Holy Monasteries and Churches, people and serving Offices of our Patriarchate, together with announcements and news reports concerning the Patriarchate.

The Secretariat of the website is based at the Exarchate of the Holy Sepulchre in Athens under the management of the theologian and philologist Dr. Aikaterini Diamantopoulou, at the following address:

Website Secretariat

Exarchate of the Holy Sepulchre

18, Erehtheos street, Plaka

Athens 10556

Telephones          : +30-210-3222546 and +30-210-3228861

Fax                         : +30-210-3222542

e-mail                   :

Chief Secretary’s Office