Patriarchal Management Committees

1. Patriarchal Commission in Amman

Patriarchal CommissionerArchbishop Christophoros of Kyriakoupolis mob: +962/79/5572060 

Office: in Amman. Address: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, P.O. Box 851382, 11185 Amman, Jordan. Tel. +962/6/5921146, fax: +962/6/5921928

email: &

Head Priest: Archimandrite Benedict Kayal, Deacon: Fr. Eulogios

Office for Weddings: Steward Eirnaios Medanat

Commissioner’s Secretary: Dr. Halid Koues, Assistant: Mrs. Roua Kakis

Secretariat: Mrs. Amal Barham

Holy Institutions: Clinic “St. Luke”, Tel: +96265930443

Church Library: “Theotokos”

2. Patriarchal Commission in Joppa

Patriarchal Commissioner: Archbishop Damaskinos of Joppa

Α) Holy Monastery of the Archangels. Hegoumen: Damaskinos, Archbishop of Joppa

Tel. +972/3/6823451, +972/522992591, Fax: +972/3/6826222, Greek tel: +30/6947576730

Β) Holy Church of Saint George. Officiating Priest for the Arab-speaking Community: Stewart Fr Constantine Nassar, Tel: 0523/187618

C) Holy Church of Saint Tabitha. Officiating Priest of the Russian-speaking Community: Fr Alexander Sinkevic, Tel. 0507/644218. Officiating Priest of the Romanian-speaking Community: Archimandrite Gerasimos Timofte, Tel 0527/748482

Address: Greek Orthodox Convent, Nativ Hamazalot 8, 68021 Jaffa, Israel

3. Patriarchal Commission in Gaza.

Patriarchal Commissioner: Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias

Holy Monastery of Saint Porphyrios, wherein lies the Saint’s tomb

Officiating Priest: Archimandrite Amphilochios. Tel. +972/545672733

Greek Orthodox Convent, Gaza. Tel. +972/8/2818019, +972/8/2818021. Fax: +972/8/2818013

Active: Orthodox Youth, Charity Fellowship, and Scouts Branch. The journal “Catechism” is also published.

4. Patriarchal Commission in North Jordan

Patriarchal Commissioner:  Archimandrite Raphael

Office: in Irbet. Holy Church of Saint George. Tel. & fax: 962/2/7277753,  +962/7/96997973

Address: Patriarchal Representation North Jordan, P.O. Box 311,21110 Irbet, Jordan  email:

  1. Holy Church of St. George. Officiating Priests: Stewards Abdullah Martzi  tel: +962/79/5538303 & Salem (Ioannis) Hadad tel: +962/79/7760376   In operation are: Sunday Schools, Synaxes of young people and Synaxes of women.
  2. Holy Church of St. George in Gerassa. Officiating Priest: Steward Tziries Smerat, mob: +962/79/5562183, tel: +962/2/6351908
  3. Holy Church of St. George in Antzara. Officiating Priest……. In Operation are: Sunday Schools, Synaxes of young people “St. Silouan the Athonite” Scouts and Synaxes of women.
  4. Holy Churches of the Holy Spirit and St. George in Antzloun. Officiating Priest: Steward Gregory Rihani, mob: +962/79/6844144, tel: +962/2/6420710. In Operation are: Sunday Schools and Synaxes of young people “The Holy Spirit”.
  5. Holy Church of Prophet Elias in Ouahanthe.               Officiating Priest: Steward Elias Hadad, mob: +962/78/5666333, tel: +962/2/6466098.  In operation are: Sunday Schools and Synaxes of young people. 
  6. Holy Church of St. George in Satana.                              Officiating Priest: Steward Stavros Psarat, mob” +962/77/77770507, tel: +962/2/7240436.
  7. Holy Church of St. George in Housoun. tel: +962/2/7022369   Officiating Priests: Stewards Constantinos Amari mob: +962/79/5851790 & Simeon Houri mob: +962/79/5923969. In operation are: “St. Nikolaos” Choir, Sunday Schools and Synaxes of young people.
  8. Holy Church of the Dormition of Theotokos in Mafrak. Officiating Priest: Steward Demetrios Samaoui, mob: +962/79/5485547. In operation are; Choir “The Dormition of Theotokos”, Sunday Schools, Synaxes of young people and of women.

5. Patriarchal Commission in Madaba. 

Patriarchal Commissioner:  Archbishop Aristovoulos of Madaba, tel: +962/79/2141511

Office: In Madaba. Holy Church of Saint George. Tel.& fax: +962/5/3245956

Officiating: Stewarts fr. Nicolas Noueran (+962/77/6284548) & fr. Iosif Hamarne.

Address: Greek Orthodox Convent, Madaba, Jordan 

Pilgrims House – Madaba. Tel: +962/7/75364218 and +962/7/79033944

E-mail: Pilgrims


6. Patriarchal Commission in Qatar.

Patriarchal Commissioner: Archbishop Makarios: +974/5/5565447

Office: in Doha.  Website:

1.Holy Church of Saint Isaak the Syriac and Saint George, Officiating Priest: Fr. Demetrios Hanna

2. House of Prayer St. Nikolaos in Al-hor.                                Officiating Priest: Fr. Demetrios Hanna 

Τel: +974/55/472471, E-mail:

Address: Patriarchal Representation in Qatar, P. O. Box 23417, Doha, Qatar. Tel: +974/44818489, fax: +974/44872032, Mob: +974/55565447 and

Active in Doha: Sunday School, “The myrrh-bearing women” women’s association and the “Orthodox Youth Association”.