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Press and Information Office:

Director: Metropolitan Isychios of Kapitolias

Tel. 02/6260493, Fax: 02-6264334

West Bank Representative: Steward f. Issa Musleh.

E-mail: Tel. 02/6260002.

Representative in Jordan: Steward, Fr. Ibrahim Dabour Tel. +962-6-5817924, +962-79-5555549

Representative in Athens: Mr George I. Vasileiou Tel. 210/3225810, 6984/609368 Fax: 210/7712562.


“Nea Sion” Journal

Supervisory Committee:

Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina & Mr Spyridon Tsitsigos, ΜΑ, DD, PhD 
Professor of Theology, PhD Psychology at the University of Athens,
Address: 3, Antoniou Nika, Chalkida 34100 Tel. +30-22210-78428, +30-6976449899 

Editor-in-chief: Archimandrite Aristovoulos.

Address: Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Nea Sion, P.O. Box 19632-19633
Jerusalem 91140, Israel. Tel. +972-26285636, fax. +972-26262718

Patriarchal Printing Press: Founded in 1853 by the ever-memorable Patriarch Kyrill II, it is the oldest printing press in Palestine. It disposes of a Greek, Arabic, Jewish, English and French Department. Head: Mr. Philip Dahambra Tel: +972-2-6288196, +972-543-015609

“Light of Christ”: Monthly Ecclesiastical Journal & Weekly Liturgical Brochure:Both are published in Arabic under the supervision of the Patriarchate for the spiritual enlightenment of the flock. Head: Mr Hissam Hasembun. Tel +972-4-6517591, mob. +972-506-347777, e-mail:

Bookshop: Mr Antonios Boulata Tel.:  02/5870642, Fax:  02/5870586

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General Manager:  Dr. Christos Th. Nikolaou 


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Editor and manager of news reports and content material:

Most Reverend Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina

Digitization-formatting and proofreading of website texts and audio-visual material

 Novice Evanthia Chatzikosta Tel & Fax +972-26284882 E-mail:


Article collaborator: Miss Heba Hrimat  

Heads of the Website translations:

Arabic: Shadi Kshieboun & Nickolas Houri

Russian: Dr. Yelena Andreichenko & Ms Aggeliki Peloriadou

English: Nun Euphemia

Romanian: Novice Maria 

Public relations of the Web Division: Archdeacon Mark Henderson, tel:+972-26271657


Department of Website Development 

Technical and Secretarial support: Fr. Nikitas Mellios

E-mail: Τηλ. +972-25792659 & +972-584088832 


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Novice Evanthia

Monk Patrick Hagiotaphite

Nikolaos Souliotis

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