Ecclesiastical Courts


1. Ecclesiastical Court of Appeals in Jerusalem

President: Metropolitan Isyhios of Capitolias

Members: Archbishop Dorotheos of Abelon and Archimandrite Galaction

Secretary: Mr. Michail Fahouri

Tel. +972/6260493, +972/545832695. Fax: +972/26264334

2. Court of First Instance (Lower Court) in Jerusalem

President: Metropolitan Cornelios of Petra

Vice President: Archimandrite Niphon

Members: Archbishop of Hierapolis Isidoros and Archimandrite Stefanos

3. Ecclesiastical Court of the Holy Metropolis of Ptolemaida

President: Archimandrite Philotheos

Members: Stewart Nasser Cassis and Fr. Demetrios Samra

Substitutive member: Stewart Samuel Zaied

Secretary: the Priest Fr. Savvas Chatz, Tel: +972/49910563

Tel and Fax: +972/49913396


4. Ecclesiastical Court of the Holy Metropolis of Nazareth

President: Metropolitan of Nazareth, Kyriakos

Members: Archimandrites Hilarion and Timotheos

Substitute Member: the Priest Fr Ioannis Siama

Secretary and counselor-at-law: Mr. Faraz Salman, Lawyer

Clerk: Mrs. Soua Shanti. Tel & Fax: +972/46021533

5. Ecclesiastical Court in Amman

President: Metropolitan of Philadelphia Benedictos

Members: Stewart Fr. Irineos Medinat and Stewart Fr. Abdalla Hamarn

Counselor-at-law: Mr. Satea Siaraihae

6. Ecclesiastical Court in Joppa

President: Archbishop of Joppa, Damaskinos

Τel. +972/36823451, +972/522992591, Fax. +972/36826222

Members: Archimandrites Nikodimos and Ieronimos 
Secretary: Mr. Michael Fahouri

Counselor-at-law: Archimandrite Niphon

7. Ecclesiastical Court of Gaza

President: Archbishop of Tiberias, Alexios

Vice President: Archimandrite Amphilochios

Members: Mr. Souad Sahieh, Mr. Hanna Farah, Mr. Imad Wuafa Sahieh and Mr. Imad Ode Jilde

Secretary and member: Mr Ilias Tarazi, Tel. +972/82818019 and +972/82818021