Churches in the West Bank


Holy Churches of the West Bank

1. In Beit-Sahour. Church of the Forefathers. Tel. & fax at Priests’ office: 02/2773081 Officiating Priests: f. Savvas Her. Tel. & fax: 02/2774738 Mob. 0569/770432, f. Issa Musleh. Tel. & fax: 02/27713483 Mob. 0597/179787, Fr. George Banoura, mob: 0595/049335 & Fr. Hana Rismawi, tel: 02/2760380.

2. In Bir Zeit. Church of St George.

Vicars: Priest Georgios Banoura. Tel. 0595/049335 and retired Steward f.Issa Houri, Tel. & Fax: 02/2813930.

Officiating Priest: Archimandrite Arndreas. Retired Priest: Steward Issah Houri, tel & fax: 02/2813930.

3. In Jifna. Church of St George.

Vicar: Steward. f. Georgios Awad. Tel. & fax: 02/2818359. Mob. 0599/392383 Retired Priest: Steward. f. Andraus Rafizni. Tel & Fax: 02/2810835 Mob.: 0599/788002

4. In Taymbeh. Church of St George.

Officiating Priest: f. Daud Houri. Tel. & Fax: 02/2898282 Mob.:0599/127867.

5. In Ein Arik. Church of the Dormition of Theotokos.

Officiating Priest: Steward f. Nikolaos Sahin. Tel. 02/2905013 Mob.: 0599/732993

6. In Abud. Church of the Dormition of Theotokos.

 Officiating Priest: Steward f. Emmanuel Awad. Tel & fax: 02/2972043. Fax: 02/2864530. Mob: 0597/952779, email:

7. In Tulkarm. Church of St George.

Hegoumen: Archimandrite Leontios.

8. In Zababdeh. Church of St George.

Officiating Priest: Steward. Athanasios Salman. Tel. & fax: 04/2520646 & 04/2520372.

9. In Toumbas. Church of the Holy Trinity.

Vicar: Steward f. Touma Daud. Tel. & fax: 04/2520646 Mob.:0599/270699